The SpaceShip Theory presents a new form to understand LOVE. Based on initial discussions between Luan Banzai & Leila Raverdino about how relationships are built and develop, the theory took form as mix of conference and artistic performance.
It has already been presented in different places and contexts around the world, being in constant development.
- NEXCoworking - Curitiba, Brazil (2017)
- Les Grands Voisins - Paris, FRANCE (2016)
- PechaKucha Night @ UrbanGuild - Kyoto, JAPAN (2016)
- LARNA Art Residency - Corfou, GREECE (2016)
- Pachinko Club - Geneva, SWITZERLAND (2016)
- L'USINE Centre Culturel - Geneva, SWITZERLAND (2016)
- Haute École D'Art et Design de Genève (HEAD) - Geneva, SWITZERLAND (2016)
- Milkshake Agency Art Space - Geneva, SWITZERLAND (2016)

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